Thursday, 20 June 2013

Stromness, the beach

Another painting of the abandoned propellers on the beach at Stromness, this time on Saunders Waterford paper rather than the tinted paper I did the previous painting on, and no body colour this time of course.
I certainly won't be framing this one, but thought I'd upload it for the sake of completeness. I've pretty much reached the end of the South Georgia paintings I'm likely to do; who knows, I might get inspired to revisit some of the old sketches and try to do something new, but in the intervening period since being there and returning home, there has been so many more painting subjects which have grabbed my attention.
I've still got a few Patagonia painting ideas which I hope to do and upload, but in the meantime, here is the half imperial 15x22" picture of Stromness. As always, comments good or bad welcome. Blogger seems to have made it harder recently for people to comment.

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