Monday, 25 February 2013

melting snow- finished painting

After trying it out in sketch form, I've done a half-imperial painting of the hillside with melting snow revealing the underlying ground, Its on arches 30gsm, rough which is a pleasure to paint on at times, depending on the subject matter.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Early spring hillside

I liked the abstract nature of the stripes of vegetation that appear as the snow slowly recedes, and have attempted to gain a sense of this in the sketch below. I think this might work well as a larger painting, and I've just taken delivery of some rough arches paper which would lend itself ideally to this type of subject.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Reluctant subject, Fortuna Bay

An email from Fio, one of my fellow passengers on the MV Plancius, reminded me of a sketch I did of him taking a photo of a shy penguin. Once again, a poor photo taken with my iPad which I hope to rectify shortly.

David Attenborough's film

I've just seen the publicity for David Attenborough's new film about King Penguins, which was filmed on South Georgia. My curiosity aroused, a quick google to see whereabouts on South Georgia it was filmed produced this image:

Gold Harbour on an overcast day, the other side of the stream from where I painted, and summertime rather than spring judging by the lack of snow. It seems camera crews have no more desire than the rest of us to lug heavy equipment around, as this is right by the main zodiac landing spot.